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Sat 8th NovThe Retreat hotel8pm
Friday 27th FebNhill lake fiesta7pm
Sunday 1st March 14Suttons house of music Ballarat1pm
FRid 6th March 14Surf Club POrt fairy Festival10pm till
Sat 7th March 14Lighthouse /Port Fairy Festival10pm till
Sunday8th March 14Railway stage / Port Fairy Festival2.30pm til
Sun 8th March 14Surf Club/ Port Fairy Festival8pm till 8
Sat 23rd May 2015The Pinnacle Hotel, North Fitzroy4pm
Sun 24th May 2015The Gem Hotel, Collingwood7:30 pm
Friday 3rd July 2015Lomond Hotel East Brunswick9 pm
Sunday 5th July 2015Rainbow Hotel Fitzroy4pm
Sunday 6 SeptemberThe Gem Hotel7pm
Sat 17th October 201The Retreat Hotel8pm
Sunday 3rd julyNewport music festival5pm till c
Friday 13th mayThe Pinnacle hotel Nth Fitzroy8pm
Sunday 5th JuneThe Gem bar, Collingwood8pm
1st JulyThe gem bar Collingwood 8pm
3rd JulyNewport festival, Newport 5pm till 6
8th July The Lomond Hotel9.30pm
Friday 16th SeptembThe Lomond hotel9.30pm
Sunday18th SeptemberThe Rainbow hotel fitzroy4pm till 7

...... High hi...been a while for Harmaniax....our founding bass player and rock has moved to Berlin west Germany and we have replaced him with the wonderful Mal Beveridge..."the Inverkeithing Billy the wiz"...
We've been rehearsing new songs for our up coming shows.

A new CD is in the wind and and should be live one ....hope to seeya soon SOME GREAT GIGS COMING UP IN THE NEXT 6 weeks...THE GEMM BAR IN COLLINGWOOD this Sunday 4th June 8pm...fantastic food and great vibe, got the Fabbie Ben Smith playing guitar for this one...Sunday 19th June at The Royal Oak Hotel in nicolson street nth Fitzroy at 4pm....Friday 1st July we play the The Gem Bar in Collingwood...a birthday for yours truly...gunna be a lot of vey special gusts playing... THE NEWPORT FESTIVAL...NEWPORT ...JUST OVER THE BRIDGE.....WE ARE CLOSING THE FESTIVAL SUNDAY NIGHT 3rd July AT 5pm... SEEY A THEN...THEN